Our Uptime Guarantee

We are very confident in the reliability of the service we provide with a proven track record that is updated daily. We understand firsthand how crucial it is for an online service to maintain high-availability, which is why we provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement) to cover our clients in the event of a service disruption.


1. RackService prides itself in providing a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This service level agreement (SLA) describes the levels of service that the customer is guaranteed to receive in the event of service unavailability.
2. Although the SLA covers key areas of the customer's service, the Terms of Service may include areas not covered by this SLA and therefore should be read alongside it.
3. The SLA is intended to provide a means of security and reassurance for the customer whom relies on the services provided, maintained and supported by RackService. Some of these items may be of critical importance to the customer's business.
4. To receive service compensation, the client must create a SLA claim via support ticket from their authorised client account.
5. SLA claims must be submitted within one week (seven days) of the outage.
6. All SLA claims will be investigated. The outcome of such claims will be decided at the sole discretion of RackService
7. This SLA is only valid for direct clients of RackService. RackService is not liable for downtime caused by any reseller of it's services.


Should access to a service become unavailable or interrupted for more than 15 minutes in one month, a customer will be entitled to receive an account credit or extension of due date in accordance with the value of their monthly subscription/payment which shall be outlined below.

This SLA covers:
Unplanned hardware or software maintenance
Network unavaibility as a result of any hardware failure
Network unavaibility as a result of human error (caused by RackService)

The SLA does not cover service unavailability as a result of:
Planned network maintenance aimed to improve service
Network unavailability as a result of issues arising from carrier, however RackService will do it's best to ensure that the carrier provides compensation
Service unavailability as a result of any hardware failure / software failure (applies to Dedicated Servers)
Unauthorised access to the user's account
Downtime caused by the user


15 minutes will receive a compensation of 10%
60 minutes will receive a compensation of 20%
3 hours will receive a compensation of 30%
9 hours will receive a compensation of 40%
24 hours (or longer) will receive a compensation of 50%


We reserve the right to deny the provision of compensation if:
You do not meet the conditions above
You are in violation of, or the Terms of Service are not met
Any SLA claims we deem to be fraudulent will be rejected.
In special circumstances, RackService reserves the right to reject compensation under their own discretion if this threatens the stability of the company.
We deserve the right to deny SLA claims if we believe the client has purposely attempted to cause a service disruption to claim against our SLA (e.g: if we believe the client was involved in initiating a denial of service attack against their own service).


RackService reserves the right to amend or vary the terms of our SLA at any time. Any changes will be reflected immediately on this page.

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